How to choose LED lamps for head light?

LED lamps , according to many experts, are the future of automotive lighting. But so far they are quite difficult to choose and install correctly. What is the complexity and what determines the choice of a lamp? For further details, go here: best h11 LED bulb

As elsewhere, there are objective and subjective factors.Let's start with the objective. The headlight of each car is unique in its own way due to its design features, such as: base type, type of headlight itself(reflector or lens / spotlight) and its size. First of all, you need to find out the type of base of the headlights of your car. You can see this information in some cases in the “instruction manual”, but often they indicate general information about a typical car, but not specifically your model.Therefore, you can use the special service for the selection of lamps from Philips, Osram. If the previous 2 ways did not help you, then you can call us and our specialists will help determine the type of base in your car and answer other questions.

Determining the type of headlight is an easier task. The reflector headlamp is marked with the letter R, the lens / spotlight with the letter S. The appearance of both types is noticeably different, therefore it is not difficult to determine. Further, it is very important to correctly determine the size of the headlight, because the dimensions of LED-lamps can vary significantly and some just do not fit into the headlamp physically. Also,the lamp may not fit on the back of the headlight due to the large size of the radiator. Here, the consultation with our specialists will be the right option.

A LED headlamp consumes significantly less power than a halogen counterpart. This is due to the appearance of errors on the board computer, which expects to “see” the full load on the circuit, but it does not.Then, for safety reasons, the BC breaks the circuit (stops supplying current)and the lamp will not work. For such cases, they came up with the so-called“can bus”, which deceive the computer. Therefore, before buying a lamp you need to find out if you have a lamp health monitoring system in your car. Lamps can come with a snag in the kit, or without, and if you do not have such a system,then you do not need to overpay for Canbus. When you determine all the previous(mandatory) factors that affect the ability to install the lamp in your car,you can move on to subjective factors that depend on the taste of each. The cost of high-quality LED lamps is usually considerable. And if you decide to buy, then I want the lamp to serve you its warranty and promised period. The first option is to buy lamps from a well-known brand that you trust and will not worry about the amount of money spent. The second and good option is to find a manufacturer that gives a long warranty on their products.

The brightness (luminous flux power) of the lamp is measured in Lumens and it is desirable that the brightness data be present in the lamp description, otherwise you risk getting a "pig in a poke". The car manufacturer indicates the luminous flux of the factory lamps, so it should be borne in mind that you need to buy Ice lamps with a brightness higher than that of regular ones.


Choosing LED lights for the head light of your car is a really tricky question. It is important in which car the lamp will be installed, how its position will be adjusted, etc. Therefore, if after reading this material you still have questions that will help determine, call us, we will help you make the right choice!